How To Argue Like A Politician

Politics has two meanings. Officially, it refers to the process of collective decision making. Unofficially, politics can refer to the manipulative game that is often found to govern this process. This posts tells you how to play that game by arguing like a politician in just three steps. Read it to apply the steps yourself, or at least to defend yourself against them!

A. Create the criteria

Whatever the case, you can always be right on some aspect of it. Therefore, try to get this aspect on the agenda. If the case is for example about nuclear power, make it a debate about CO2-emissions instead of risks. That way, you”ll win the more easily. You can manipulate agenda by simply stating what should be discussed, or frame the problem by choosing a specific wording.

B. Attack with arguments

Now you focus on the case. In order to completely cover the case, you should give the following two types of arguments:

  • Arguments in favour of your side, supporting your opinion.
  • Arguments refuting the arguments of the other side.

Present three arguments in favour of your side. Refute only the most important argument of your opponents.

C. Gain with credibility

The credibility of a view is related to the credibility of the beholder. Therefore, you’ll have to focus on the people. Boost your credibility and bring damage to the image of your opponent. For achieving both goals, you could consider reffering to:

  • Earlier achievements or failures
  • Ideals, ambitions, or goals
  • Education and experience

Take care: you’ll easily loose credibility by attacking others personally to harshly. Try to put it nicely!

Good luck arguing like a politician or defending yourself against them!

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