How To Make An Interview Article

Making an interview article takes quite a proces. First, you’ll have to prepare your questions. Second, you have to conduct the interview and, finally, you have to write the article. This post gives an overview of how to successfully go through these three steps.

A. Prepare questions

Prepare interview questions starts with collecting information on the interviewee. You can read a biography, other interviews or read about the type of activities the interviewee has. Based on this information, it should be possible to have a brainstorm on the questions. Select the interview questions that best fit your approach. Don’t ask about everything, but try to focus on one topic like personal life, political views or career. Here you can read more on prepare interview questions.

B. Conduct the interview

During the actual interview, you’ll have to collect the answers to your questions. As interviewee tend to wander off, you”ll have to steer the interview. While keeping an eye on your main questions, ask additional questions to keep the conversation on track. Steering needs subtlety: the conversation should stay relaxed and natural. Often, it is needed to ask ‘why’ over and over again to get the real answers to your questions. Be exhaustive, not shy. To stay attentive, record the answers instead of writing them down. Here you can read more on conducting the interview.

C. Write the article

When starting to write the article, you’ll first have to decide on the perspective. Will it be a questions-answer structure or do you use a narrative style? The former fits best to make it personal and close to the reader, the latter fits an article that is more about some specific topic than the interviewee himself. Try to not treat too many topics but make the article focussed. You can rephrase all that has been said, as long as the information does not change. Here you can read more about writing the interview article!

Good luck with your next interview!

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