How To Use The Power Of Scarcity

Scarcity is what makes us run to a store and pay the highest price. The scarcer the good, piece of information or experience, the more we want it. You can be more persuasive by using this principle whenever you try to sell an idea, product or plan. Here are three steps to be more persuasive by using the power of scarcity!

A. Emphasize the exclusivity of information

No matter what you offer, it will come with certain information. Trying to make this information exclusive is the first way of using the power of scarcity. If you want people to invest in your plan, point out you’re not telling about this opportunity to anyone. If you apply for a job, explain the employer he’s one of the very few you’d really like to work for.

B. Emphasize you’re the sole seller

Scarcity really becomes powerful when you’re the only seller. If people can get the same next door, you’re out. Therefore, try to emphasize what makes your offer unique. If you seek investors for your plan, emphasize you’re the only offering this opportunity and explain which aspects make the offer unique. If you apply for a job, accentuate the uncommon combination of qualities and experiences you provide.

C. Emphasize on what one’s about to loose

People are more focussed on what they stand to loose, than what they’re about to gain. You can make use of this by rather focussing on what the other will loose if he doesn’t accept your offer, than what he’s about to gain by accepting it. In the case of an investment in your plan, give an outline of what opportunities they can miss out on. In the case of applying for a job, point out what possibilities the employer loses if he doesn’t choose you.

Let me conclude with an example of using the power of scarcity. ‘Listen, I’m telling this only to you, but this blog is the only blog on great communication tips. You’ll regret it if you keep trying to persuade people without have read the above tips!’

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