How To Write Good Article Titles

As a writer, your key instrument in attracting as many readers as possible is a good article title. A better title means more readers. This post tells you how to write a good article title in just three steps: by telling the essence, by making a promise and by using catchy wording.

A. Tell the essence

The title of an article should first of all describe the essence of the article. It should answer the question: what is the article really about? You might want to combine this with possible photo material. The title could for example be a quote of the depicted person. The photo saves you telling who is quoted.

B. Make a promise

The title should not only display the essence of the article, it should also be a promise to the reader. It should promise the reader interesting information if he reads on.  The title ‘the president is a good leader’ for instance, can tell the essence of an article. It doesn’t promise any additional information however. A better title would therefore be ‘Why the president is a good leader’. The ‘why’ promises interesting information on presidential leadership.

C. Use catchy wording

The final step in writing a good article title is choosing the right wording. Make the title no longer than 10 words and put the keywords at the beginning. If the title is spread over more than one line, put the keywords at the beginning of the lines. You might use some word play too. Don’t compromise on clarity, however.  For an interview, a quote generally is the most attractive.

So, you can write a good article title by telling the essence, by making a promise and by using catchy wording. You’ll attract more readers than ever before!

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